Grace of God and blessing, we are pleased to serve many clients in various
Areas And many cities Within Saudi Arabia-sized works of medium to large in various fields Construction, industrial and other .. which adds to the long record A touch of proud


Equipments and Machines

Heavy Equipments and Machines  


We Own a large fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment from forklifts and cranes and winches vertical various sizes to suit different business, which gives us the ability to do any work, no matter what its size and plurality .

light Equipments and Vehicles


We are in Ezz Steel care about factor of time and the completion of our business in the shortest possible time so we had to concern about the transportation cars, medium and large size in order to guarantee the availability of the tools all the parts to complete our job as required

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  • Human Resources


Our Engineers are qualified at the highest    level

Highly skilled technicians with long experience

Trained and qualified labors

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